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6 killed, 12 wounded in Russian shelling of Ukraine’s Kherson

A Ukrainian servicewoman fires a 2S7 Pion self-propelled gun at a position, as Russia’s attack on Ukraine continues, on a frontline in Kherson region, Ukraine on November 9, 2022. File
| Photo Credit: Reuters

A Ukrainian official said Russian strikes on February 21 killed at least six people and wounded 12 in Kherson, which is still in reach of Moscow’s weaponry despite Russia’s retreat from the southern Ukrainian city in November.

“Just during the bloody dictator Putin’s speech… peaceful Kherson residents were injured and killed in the middle of the street, in their homes and at their workplace. At the moment, we know about 6 dead and 12 wounded,” the spokesman for the Ukrainian army’s southern command Vladislav Nazarov said.

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