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7 Reasons Why Every Indian Couple Should Opt for Premarital Counselling

Premarital counselling in India: Even today, most marriages in India are arranged, which means the potential partners don’t spend a lot of time getting to know one another beforehand or communicating with one another frequently. For both, this can be extremely intimidating because they must now learn to live together and accept each other’s habits and quirks while sharing their space.

Couples learn a number of things as they move in together after their marriage, even in the case of a love marriage. As a result, individuals may have many unanswered questions as they enter a new, unknown stage of life.  Hence, if you are about to get married, whether it is arranged or out of love, make sure your fears are cleared up first and premarital counselling can be detrimental in doing so.

Pre-marital counselling is a smart decision since it can assist you and your partner in better understanding the dynamics of your relationship and setting the stage for a happy future.

7 Reasons why pre-marital counselling is crucial for Indian couples:

1. Sex

Pre-marital sex counselling is crucial because it fills in any information gaps you may have about sex. You can anticipate learning about the male and female anatomy as well as the actual act during your appointment with a gynaecologist.


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2. Contraceptives

Your knowledge of pregnancy can also be improved by attending counselling sessions with a gynaecologist. He or she could offer advice on how to determine appropriate and inappropriate times for sex, as well as ideal family planning techniques.

3. Hygiene

A gynaecologist may also emphasise the value of sexual hygiene for a trouble-free marital life in addition to the significance of personal health and hygiene.


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4. Discuss expectations

When you’ve gotten married, don’t allow any unforeseen discoveries to occur. Instead, be honest about your expectations for your relationship. Before getting married, couples counsellors can facilitate conversations about marital expectations.

These include where you will live, whether you will start a family, how you will handle infidelity or lose your career, and your shared expectations for your sexual life. They also cover how you will handle each partner’s working and financial contributions.

5. Learn to communicate

Lack of communication is one of the main issues in marriages. Unable to communicate effectively, couples put their marriages up for disaster. Before getting married, learning communication skills in couples counselling will prepare you for a long-term, happy partnership.

6. Discuss finances

Marital troubles often stem from financial issues. The way one partner manages their finances is one of the reasons people decide to end their marriage. Newlywed couples must learn how to have a safe conversation about money.

You should discuss things like how finances will be divided, who will pay what bills, and whether or not both spouses will work full-time.


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7. Strengthen your relationship

You will strengthen your marriage, which is one of the main advantages of premarital counselling before marriage. Even the most ideal partnership experiences highs and lows. For better or worse, getting to know one another helps to make sure that you are both mentally and emotionally equipped to handle any problems that may occur.

Premarital therapy has many advantages, but it’s also crucial to discuss the most crucial queries you should ask your marriage counsellor before getting married.

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