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Birthday Chat With Celebs : This time, its `Maine Pyar Kiya`s Bhagyashree!

Hello Bhagyashree… Here’s wishing you a very Happy Birthday from all of us in Mid Day! Can you tell us about your birthday plans?
As of now, we are still in the planning process! The party or get-together will be a small group of friends and we will celebrate it at home. February 22 is my son Abhimanyu’s birthday. The full day goes in the birthday celebration and then, it is followed by my birthday the very next day, starting at twelve o`clock midnight.

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With whom are you celebrating your birthday this year?
My family obviously! My son Abhimanyu is also there. He leaves for the shooting of his next film on my birthday…. that’s today! The night of February 22 is always a big night at our home as its my son`s birthday and also it gets followed by my birthday! 

Can you recall your best childhood birthday memory?
My father has always been a great cook. He always enjoyed cooking for children. That also explains the reason as to why we would have these `grand birthday parties`. Sometimes, my father would dress up like `bhelwaala` and make the yummiest `bhel`, and then, one day, he would don a chef’s hat and then cook up something really yummy recipe. He would always ask us what we would like to have and then would make it according to that. He always used to take extra efforts to make our birthdays extra special.

Which has been your most memorable birthday gift? And… who gifted you that?
It has to be my son Abhimanyu! My husband gifted me that! I could not have asked for a better gift than my son Abhimanyu (smiles).

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Have you ever gifted anything to yourself on your birthday? If yes, then what?
I had gifted myself a spa-day, when I was totally exhausted. This included a relaxing body massage, hair spa… all of these …. sab kuch… ghar pe! We always try to make efforts to ensure that our family is there together. Every birthday is a family day.

Professionally, what is keeping you busy these days?
I just finished a Netflix film called ‘Happy Teacher’s Day’ with Maddock Films. I am super excited for this film.

Let me guess… actually… let me put it this way, no prizes for guessing as to who is playing the ‘Teacher’!
Hmmmm… I am not saying anything! (laughs heartily).

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