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BTS: Namjoon calls Jungkook `cool`, says `He`s our youngest, but..`

BTS` Jungkook, interacted with the audience at the Golden live on-stage concert on Monday in Seoul. He delighted fans by singing songs from his new album Golden. His mother and fellow BTS member, Namjoon, were present in the audience. 

When he informed the audience that his mother was present, they cheered loudly. He said, “Say it one more time. My mom is here. `Thank you, mother.` My mom will like that. There`s the golden rain dream and RM gave me the nickname ‘Golden Maknae’. To every moment till now has been golden.”

Namjoon, who gave the nickname Golden Maknae to Jungkook, had a sweet message for him. He said, “Jeon Jungkook. You`re so cool! Your mom and dad must be proud. You`re insane. The other members all have shoots and I`m the one who gave him the nickname, I had to come. I wrote a letter to Jungkook for the first time ever with a flower bouquet. Don`t forget that.”

He added, “You`re so cool and I`m so proud. He`s so cool, right? He`s our youngest, but I learn so much from him. It seems like we rode bikes together and now, he`s in G.C.F without his clothes. Please do that often.”


During the Golden live on-stage concert, Jungkook made many jaws drop sharing a glimpse of his workout routine. He could be seen exercising shirtless. While he was sweating it out on the treadmill, his fans were left gasping for breath looking at him. In addition to this, Jungkook took a quick shower post his workout. The youngest BTS member came out of the shower with water dripping from his hair. He certainly raised the temperature.

At the 2023 Billboard Music Award, Jungkook scored big as he won the Top Global K-Pop Song award for Seven featuring American singer and rapper Latto. He said in his speech, “It’s truly an honor. It’s very hard to express my gratitude in words. Thank you ARMY and everyone who loved this, without you, it wouldn’t have been possible. While working on Seven I enjoyed those moments and want to thank everyone and Billboard for giving me this award.”

Seven competed with Fifty Fifty`s Cupid, Jimin`s Like Crazy, NewJeans`s Ditto, and NewJeans`s OMG.

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