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Exclusive: Cosmetic Surgery Trends to Watch out for in 2023 According to Dr Parag Telang

New Delhi: Cosmetic surgery is currently most sought after by both men and women to enhance their looks. In this article, Dr Parag Telang, Consultant Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon and Director of Designer Bodyz – Centre for Advanced Cosmetic Surgery located in Mumbai, India tries to predict what he feels would be the trends for cosmetic surgery in 2023

Going into the new year, what do you feel the major trends are going to be? Well, the general trends are toward minimally invasive procedures, non-surgical options and faster recovery. The world is moving at a very rapid pace and hence people don’t want to do procedures that have a long recovery time.

What are the latest trends to make the face look better?

The latest trend is the “Cat Eye effect”, which has been popularized by celebs such as Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid amongst others. This is created either using absorbable PDO threads, which is temporary; or can be created permanently by minor surgery. This lifts up the eyebrows as well and makes the upper face look youthful and lifted.

What options are available for face and hair rejuvenation?

I see a lot of patients who have damaged skin, facial pigmentation and wrinkles. There are many advanced options for skin rejuvenation now such as Nano-fat injection, Vampire facials using own blood, fractional laser etc. The trend is towards these modalities instead of just creams that don’t work on deeper layers of the skin. Again, for hair growth, the options include GFC which is a growth factor concentrated using one’s own blood. GFC treatment is very much trending these days to get the lost hair back and to get a good volume of hair as well.

What emerging trends do you see for the body?

People are becoming very self-conscious these days. They want to eat healthily, look good and shed excess flab. At the same time, they are looking for non-invasive options. The gold standard to lose excess body fat and get into shape is Vaser liposuction, which works on ultrasonic energy. There are no visible incision marks and the recovery is practically in 3-4 days. I see a lot of patients asking for high-definition contouring, which is not just fat removal but we can actually sculpt the abs so that the six-packs become visible. 

What is permanent makeup? 

It’s a very commonly asked for procedure these days. There are medical-grade colours that can be injected into deeper layers of the skin. This technique can be used for lip blush which looks like a permanent lipstick or for making the eyebrows look thicker and even to hide scars on the body.

What other trends do you foresee?

For face tightening, we have many non-surgical options such as HIFU  which uses ultrasonic energy and RF devices. COG threads as an option for face or neck tightening or lifting are really catching up. They are safe, give visible results and plus there is not much downtime for recovery. I see this trend persist and in fact increase in 2023!

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