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Exclusive: Desi Rappers Seedhe Maut Open Up On Their Struggle, Recall How ‘People Used To Make Fun Of Us…’

New Delhi: After the success of Coke Studio Pakistan during the pandemic, the Indian version of the long-running music franchise was rebranded as Coke Studio Bharat this year. On the occasion of Holi, a brand new song filled with a lot of peppy tones and fun lyrics merged well with the Indian festival’s theme.

The song ‘Holi Re Rasiya’ has primarily been performed by Maithili Thakur, with actor Ravi Kishan and Delhi-based rappers Seedhe Maut as the featured vocalists. Brothers Ayaan and Amaan Ali Bangash have composed and performed the sarod arrangement.

In an exclusive conversation with Zee News Online, rappers Seedhe Maut opened up on their journey, success, failures, hurdles and more. Read on

Q- How do you feel being a part of such prestige platform, Coke Studio Bharat?

A- It’s like a dream come true, as a kid we use to listen to Coke Studio and manifest being there even as a live audience and today when we have recorded a song with it, our name is announced with the brand it feels so good that we literally get chills. Still, sometimes it feels like a dream and we still think are we really there, as it is one of the biggest platforms for us. It is a surreal feeling, we are very grateful.

Q- How was your experience of doing a LIVE concert in the Bigg Boss 16 house?

A- Always wanted to go in the house and it was another dream come true as 2023 started with a bang and we absolutely loved the feeling of being there with MC Stan, our brother, Ikka. It was indeed a moment we will cherish all our life. Shalin-Tina’s dance was a little weird for us honestly as we were looking at them directly and it was weird. Also, we would like to congratulate our bro Stan for the win as we always knew, he is the most real personality and his fans will make him win the trophy no matter what.

Q- Please tell us something about your journey, did you ever think that you’ll come this far and become an idol to today’s youth?

A- We are just being ourselves and it’s just the love of people, we didn’t intend to become an idol but the audience who listens to us, understands us, and our songs, and connect with us. Also, I think that as honest and real you are, people connect more with you, more relatable to themselves and that is what made us stand out from the others as we are like our fans who are listening to us and giving so much love to us. We still look at each other as we use to 6 years ago but today, people look up to us and more than fame, it becomes a responsibility and we have to fulfill that no matter what. Yes, earlier people use to laugh at us, our hairstyle, our clothes and now they are following us so I would just like to ask them, why aren’t you laughing now!

Q- What was the biggest hurdle in your career?

A- Abhijay Negi: For me, the biggest struggle was to make my mom realise that what I am doing is not just a hobby and I want to do it, I love to do it. Making her understand that this can be a profession and that I’ll be fine in the future was the biggest hurdle in my career.

Siddhant Sharma: He use to come to my place and tell me with a ruined mood that I am not getting permission to even step out and make some music, I need help. Finally, his parents realised that this can be a profession and money can be earned with it and we were both very happy when they finally started seeing what we do and slowly started understanding it too.

We struggled alone in Delhi, at night after our jobs we use to travel from Rohini to Hauz Khas to record and edit our music videos in an old car, the petrol prices were a lot high and we had no money. Sometimes we use to take the night metro, finish our work and wait in the morning for the metro to start so that we can save money and travel by metro. So, from that time to now when there is no budget or financial crunch in making a music video, we feel very very grateful every passing day.

Watch Seedhe Maut’s first song with Coke Studio Bharat here:

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