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High Blood Sugar: 3 Things you Must Keep in Mind to Manage Glucose Levels Efficiently

High blood sugar: After sleeping for an adequate amount of time, there are days when one wakes up with increased glucose levels during the early morning hours. This is witnessed more in diabetic people and can become a part of their lifestyle. But why does this happen? There may be multiple reasons behind high glucose levels in the morning but one of them could be the ‘dawn phenomenon.’ The dawn phenomenon occurs early in the morning from 3 am to 8 am, while you are asleep. 

Though the cause of this phenomenon is not clear, some researchers believe that the release of certain hormones overnight increases blood sugar levels. This sudden boost in blood sugar level can also take place for reasons like: 

– Eating unhealthy or wrong snacks before sleeping

– Not having enough insulin in your body, the night before, and

– Irregularity with prescribed medicines

Millions of people are affected by high blood sugar and have now become a lifestyle disease rather than a health disease. However, the effects of the rise in blood sugar levels can differ from person to person. People with high blood sugar should take precautions, especially while eating. 

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Here are 3 things you can do to control high blood sugar levels in the morning: 

Regular Exercise

Exercising regularly can be beneficial in controlling the rise in levels of blood sugar in the morning. Walks and other exercises can help in controlling high blood sugar levels. It further helps you maintain weight and can give you a healthy lifestyle. 

Take Proper Meals on Time

Proper meals on time are essential to maintain blood sugar levels in individuals, especially for people with diabetes who often experience fluctuations in blood glucose levels. Hence, breakfast, which is the first meal of the day, should be healthy and on time. Eating a balanced breakfast which is low in carbohydrates and high in protein content, fiber-rich fruits, or vegetables can help in maintaining sugar levels. 

Further, if you munch after dinner, there is a high chance that you may wake up with high blood sugar levels.

Keep a Check on your Sugar Level Before Going to bed and Stay Hydrated

Check your blood sugar level before sleeping, if your blood sugar level is high before bedtime then it will remain high throughout the night and hence you will wake up with an elevated level of blood sugar. Further, keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water to maintain your blood sugar level. 

(Disclaimer: The information in this article is based on general information and does not substitute for an expert’s advice. Zee News does not confirm this.)

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