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Holashtak 2023: Why This 8-Day Period Before Holi Considered Unlucky? Know All About It

Holi is just a few days away it is one of the most exciting festivals in India. This year Holi will be celebrated on March 8. According to Hindu Mythology, every year the 8 days before Holi are said to be inauspicious, and the brief period is known as Holashtak. This year Holashtak will start on 27 February. Normally Holashtak is of 8 days but this year it is of 9 days. It will start from 27th February till 7th March. The days spent in Holashtak are particularly important. During these eight days, all the auspicious tasks like marriage, home entering, or launching of a new shop, etc should not be performed. On the day of the Falgun month full moon, the Holika celebration is observed. Holashtak comes to an end with Holika.

Why are these 8/9 days Before Holika Dahan Considered Inauspicious?

According to Hindu Mythology, King Hiranakashyapa tortured his son Prahlada in many ways for eight days from the Ashtami of the Shukla Paksha of Phalgun month to Purnima.  As a result of Prahlad’s unwavering devotion to Lord Vishnu, he even attempted to kill his son. The task of killing Prahlad was given to Hiranyakashyap’s sister Holika on the eighth day, which is known as Phalgun Purnima. In contrast, Holika, who had received the blessing that fire would not harm her, perished in a fire that was intended for Prahlad due to Lord Vishnu’s protection of Prahlad. As a result, the eight days before Holika Dahan are known as Holashtak and are not seen as lucky. The second reason is also believed that Kamadeva’s wife Rati had repented on these eight dates when Kamadeva was burnt to ashes due to the anger of Lord Shiva.

Avoid Doing These Things During Holashtak

1) During Holashtak, marriage is totally forbidden.

2) At the time of Holashtak, do not perform vidai rituals for your daughter or daughter-in-law. This ritual should be done only after Holashtak.

3) No engagement or wedding parties should be planned, nor should marriage proposals be considered, before the eight days of Holi.

4) No auspicious rituals, such as housewarmings or mundan ceremonies, are carried out during Holashtak.

5) You should not start any new work during Holashtak.

Do’s of Holashtak 2022: 

1) During this period, giving donations is considered lucky. Donate food, clothes, and money to the needy for good luck. 

2) Decorate branches of trees using colorful pieces of cloth and bury them underground as it is believed that threads absorb negative energies and protect us. 

3) Worship Goddess Lakshmi and the moon on Falgun Purnima.

4) Clean your house using Gangajal. It will remove negative energy.

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