November 29, 2023


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How to redo your balcony on a budget

Image Source : FREEPIK How to redo your balcony on a budget

In most big cities these days, it is difficult to find open and airy spaces. Courtyards are almost extinct and the solace is balconies. These are the only urban spaces to have some open areas full of sunlight and air. Instead of cramming it with a washing machine and haphazard clothes, here are some ideas to make it functional, pretty, and pleasant to sit in. 

The first thing you can do yourself (DIY) is added recycled plastic bottles and boxes as hanging flower pots. The suspended flower pots: either hanging ones or those stuck to the railings save a lot of space. Decorate these plants with high-quality fairy lights. At night, these lights will give a dreamy effect to the balcony. 

In the space saved from bulky flower pots, one can add lower seating. First adding a rug or even a chattai will do. Low-seating wooden stands are also available easily. These will immediately elevate the look of the balcony. 

On these broad wooden stands, add some quilts and lots of cushions to make the seating comfortable. For holding more stuff like trays, books or laptops, keep a wooden box or at least a foldable reading table. Make sure that all untidy pipes, wires or strings are tucked in the wall with hooks or permanent fixers to give a neat and clean look.

Depending on how much space you have on the wall, you can hang a mirror. The more interesting the mirror is, the more character it will add to your space. The backdrop against the seating area can be painted in a bright colour to give a positive vibe to the whole space. If you want more privacy, you can add blinders of your choice. You can also go for climber-like plants to cover the maximum area to act as a natural curtain. 

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