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Hyderabadi wedding food

There is more to Hyderabadi food than biryani, and Hyderabadi wedding food is a class apart. In addition to the dishes, and their presentation, it is the serving and seating style that creates a unique experience. But how can one enjoy such a shaadi ki daawat (wedding feast) without being invited to one? Here is an opportunity — the ticketed event Hyderabadi Shaadi ki Dawat will be held at King’s Palace in Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad.

Ahmed Ashfaq aka DrFoodie, one of the organisers of the event, says the idea of the event came from the inquisitiveness of food lovers. “Whenever I uploaded reels of a wedding I attended, I got a lot of enquiries from across the country about the dishes served there and if there is a place where one can try such dishes. So last year, I conceived this idea of an event where people can just enjoy a shaadi ki dawat without attending an actual nikaah. The event has elicited an amazing response since its theme was revealed.”

Shaadi ka laal chicken

For an authentic feel and flavour of a real shaadi ki dawat, there will be sit-down eating arrangements and organisers have roped in a wedding caterer — Oyster caterers — specialising in Hyderabadi cuisine. The feast will comprise close to 18 dishes, including starters, drinks and desserts. Some of the dishes are mutton haleem, mutton marag, lukhmi kebab, loose prawns, fried fish, one chicken boneless starter, shaadi ka laal chicken, chicken 65, biryani (chicken and mutton), heart-shaped naan, laccha paratha,rumali roti and more.

non veg starters

non veg starters

Shaadi ka laal chicken, also called the dawatonwala Hyderabadi red chicken, or shaadiwala laal chicken, is one dish that people look forward to besides the biryani and marag (mutton almond soup) at Hyderabadi weddings. Explaining what is in the dish , owner Mohsin Kholani says, “Hyderabadi shadi ka laal chicken is a well-known Nawabi dish. Marinated chicken is slow-cooked over coals with spices and sauces, making the chicken lavourful and tender. With a creamy texture and semi-thick gravy, it has a slightly tangy aftertaste and goes best with Indian breads.” The dish gets it name from the food colour added to it.

A bowl of desserts

A bowl of desserts

Then there is Saudi Champagne. Ahmed explains, “It is a non-alcoholic drink from Saudi Arabia that is trending at Hyderabadi weddings owing to its refreshing, fizzy taste. It is made with soda, sprite, lemon, orange and apple juice and served in tall glasses.”

Hyderabadi Shaadi ki Dawat is on March 5 at King’s Palace, Noor Ghat, Gudi Malkapur, Mehdipatnam. Tickets priced at ₹ 899 can be bought at

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