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‘I lived with 9 psychopaths’: Nora Fatehi recalls her struggle days in Mumbai

Nora Fatehi is enjoying the triumph of her recent movie, Madgaon Express. She appeared on the latest episode of The Bombay Journey with Mashable India, where she discussed her early challenges as a budding actor in Mumbai. Nora revealed her tough times living with nine other girls in an apartment, describing the ordeal as `traumatic.`

Nora Fatehi recalls her struggle days in Mumbai

Nora Fatehi shared, “I came to India with only ₹5,000 in my pocket. I lived with nine psychopaths in a three-BHK apartment, where everyone was sharing. I used to think, ‘What have I got myself into?’ I was not prepared for that at all. I am still traumatised.”

When asked about how she paid the rent, she continued: “What used to happen was that the agency would make money out of you. They cut the pocket money, they pay the rent from that, they cut their commission, the air you breathe, and then they give you jo reh gaya (whatever is left) which is nothing. So we were on a diet of like one egg, nutella and bread and milk every day. It was really bad. Some of these agencies they exploit people so badly. We don`t have laws and regulations for these things. I am serious I need therapy for that time. It was a rough time.”

Nora Fatehi on being typecast in Bollywood

In an interview with Indian Express, Nora Fatehi spoke about being typecast in the industry and said, “It is hard to say. It is not a one-dimensional answer because you can’t blame them, that’s all they know. It’s to typecast people and that’s it. It’s also like people don’t have time to discover you and explore you. People are too busy trying to make their next big hit, trying to mingle with the big stars, trying to do things. So, I don’t blame anybody but it is on me. It is my job to prove to people time and time again that ‘hey, I am multifaceted, I can do this, I can do that, give me the chance’ so, that’s my problem and I took that head on. For that you have to work on yourself also, because no actor, no artiste is perfect (sic.)”

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