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It’s So Hard To Be A Teenager, Incredibly Difficult, Says Hugh Jackman

Los Angeles: Hollywood star Hugh Jackman, who has 22-year-old Oscar and 17-year-old Ava with his wife Deborra-Lee Furness, believes that teenagers are now facing more pressures than ever before. Jackman told Sky News, “It’s so hard to be a teenager, and I think particularly with the pandemic, I think it’s incredibly difficult, reports

“There’s social media, all these things that are so different from what we grew up with. It was hard for me growing up as a teenager – it`s a really difficult time for any kid, I think – but I would say right now it`s the hardest it’s ever been … that`s my sense of it.”

“And yet, having said that, I think there`s real hope, I feel that the younger generation, those teenagers are much more open about talking about things. They`re much more fluid and less judgemental about what group you`re in or what sexuality you have – they don`t care about any of that stuff and so I see a lot of hope, but I think it`s really difficult for them.”

The actor is convinced that it`s actually become easier for young people to express their fears and concerns without feeling judged.

The Hollywood star now wishes that he had had “open conversations” during his own childhood.

The ‘Deadpool 3’ actor said, “Thankfully, we are getting better at having open conversations about being more vulnerable, about accepting that we don`t have all the answers, about relying on other people for help.

“All of these things, I think, are long overdue. And, you know, I wish I could have had those conversations when I was a teenager.”

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