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Modern Love: 7 Dating Slangs as Described by ChatGPT

Dating slang: The dating game has changed and so there are new terms for every new dating scenario in 2023. With the assistance of ChatGPT, we’ve put together a helpful guide to all the new dating terms you should be aware of to ensure that you never confuse grafting and lurking, sexting and soft launching.

The most well-known (and often used) dating slang phrases are explained by ChatGPT, an AI application that is overtaking the internet. Here are a few terms that are better explained with the help of this new-age chatbot which creates practical answers.

1. Situationship

Uncertain or confusing love relationships are referred to as “situations” in this context. It generally indicates a connection that is neither formal nor committed, but it also isn’t merely casual or for fun.

It frequently shows a lack of clear boundaries, future uncertainty, and a lack of commitment.


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2. Soft Launch

A “soft launch” could be used to describe the process of gradually presenting a new romantic connection to friends, family, and social circles in the dating setting.

When dating, couples may want to keep their relationship private and limit their introductions to close friends and family.

3. Doing Bits

The slang for interpersonal sexual behaviour is “doing bits.” The phrase is typically used informally and can be used to describe a wide range of sexual behaviours, including kissing, flirting, and more intimate and explicit sexual actions.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that any sexual activity should be respectful to the individuals involved and consensual.

4. Grafting

The act of actively pursuing someone in a romantic or sexual context is known in British slang as “grafting.”

“Grafting” can be used to describe the process of attempting to win someone over or develop a relationship with someone you are interested in when used in a dating context.


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5. Cuffing Season

The trend when people are looking for romantic partners throughout the fall and winter is referred to as the “cuffing season.”

People may be more likely to be looking for someone to spend the holidays with or to offer emotional support throughout the gloomier and colder months during cuffing season.

6. Crack On

In a romantic or sexual setting, actively pursuing someone is referred to as “cracking on” in British slang.

Making a move, expressing your feelings, or attempting to get closer to someone you like are all examples of “cracking on” in the dating world.


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7. Peng

An attractive or attractive-looking person is sometimes referred to as “peng” in slang.

“Peng” can refer to someone who is viewed as being physically attractive and desirable as a romantic companion when used in a dating situation.

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