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Poommeiler: Smell Poop And Earn In Lakhs! Nutrition Brand Paying Big For The Stinky Job

World’s First Poommeiler: As bizarre as it sounds, but it’s true. A UK-based nutrition brand is on the lookout for five people to smell poop to cover all aspects of digestive health and nutrition. The nutrition brand is on the hunt for the world’s first ‘Poommelier’ – an expert in identifying digestive health issues just by smelling the faeces. Reportedly, Feel Complete, a gut-health consultancy service based in Stroud, UK, will be giving trainees £1,500 (Rs 1.48 lakh) to smell poop. 

How To Become World’s First Poommeiler

One with the ‘right nose’ will be given the title of the world’s first Poommeiler and will also help the company run the online Poo Clinic. As per the guidelines, aspiring Poommeliers must be over 18 years of age and should be available to commit to the training schedules throughout the training period of 6 months. 

Training For World’s First Poommeiler 

The training will starting from March 2023, and the Poommeilers should have an excellent sense of smell. 

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How Can Poommelier Detect Infection By Smelling Poop? 

As per experts, the foul smell of the poop can help detect infection as it could be a sign of some gastrointestinal bleeding. It could further indicate poor diet, and hence poommeilers can help detect the cause. While the smell of your stool or gas on its own is not the best indication of what’s going on, changes to smell are easy to detect because one gets used to the smell of our own microbiome in wind and poo over time. 

How To Apply To Become World’s First Poommelier?

Interested candidates can go to the website of Feel Complete and can apply with a click. 

Experts On How Smelling Poop Can Help Detect Infection

“Being a poo expert might not be top of everyone’s list, but finding and training the world’s first ‘Poommelier’ is a way for us to take a serious issue like gut health and have a little fun with it,” Aaron Providence, CEO of Feel Complete, said in a release. 

A change in bowel habits is a massive giveaway of digestion problems. With noticeable deviations in shape, smell, colour, texture and the regularity of the poop indicates infections, bleeding, and even some serious health issues.

Lead nutritionist Hannah Macey said while “nobody’s poop smells good” some particularly foul-smelling faeces with other visual indicators are signs of poor gut health. 

“An imbalance of your gut bacteria, known as dysbiosis, may result in more methane gas being produced by your gut, which may be detectable either as unpleasant smelling wind or poo,” she explained.

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