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Sridevi Death Anniversary 2023: Let’s look at 5 unknown facts about her

The late actor superstar Sridevi will forever be remembered for the varied roles that she had done in her career spanning many years. On her death anniversary, lets have a look at 5 unknown facts about the eternal superstar. 

Did you know that her real name was NOT Sridevi!
Not many may know this. And for those who do not know this, this piece of information will definitely come as a shock. The news is that Sridevi was not her real name. Her real name was Shree Amma Yanger Ayyapan. She had changed her name to Sridevi as the screen name.

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The level of her dedication is totally unmatchable
Buzz is that the late actress Sridevi was suffering from 103-degree fever. And despite the fever, the dedicated actress that she is, shot for the film ‘Na Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai’! No wonder that, many consider her as an inspiration.  

Did you know that the late Sridevi had refused a film with Steven Spielberg!
Not many were able to digest this when they heard it for the first time. The news that the legendary actress Sridevi had refused a film with none other than the globally renowned filmmaker Steven Spielberg himself. Well… the reason cited for the same was that, Sridevi had declined the role because she reportedly felt that the role was not challenging enough!

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In the initial days, Sridevi’s voice was dubbed by this ageless diva!
Strange it may sound, but, the fact is that, during the initial phase of her career, many of her films were dubbed by the ageless diva Rekha and also Naaz. The reason was that, Sridevi was not that fluent in Hindi as much was required of her to be for the silver screen. Over a period of time, with utmost dedication and hard work, Sridevi mastered many languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and others.

Sridevi was reportedly the original choice to play the female lead in the Anil Kapoor starrer ‘Beta’
Even though the Anil Kapoor-madhuri Dixit starrer ‘Beta’ went onto become one of the blockbuster films of the nineties, the fact is that, Sridevi was reportedly the original choice to play the female lead in the film! But the reported reason that she gave to turn down the film was that she had worked a lot with him (Anil Kapoor) already.

Disclaimer: All these informations have been compiled from the internet.

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