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This Irish Island Known For Its Bizarre And Regressive Sexual Practices

Last Updated: February 21, 2023, 13:48 IST

People here possess a negative notion about sex and nudity.

People here possess a negative notion about sex and nudity.

People here possess a negative notion about sex and nudity.

Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Most of its parts are islands where different communities live, and each follows its own set of rules and regulations. One such community resides on the Inis Beag island. They are known for their bizarre sexual practice. People on this island only have intercourse when they want to have a child. The elderly inhabitants of this island have regressive sexual beliefs that they teach to the youth. Their main livelihood is agriculture, animal husbandry and sea fishing. If experts are to be believed, these people are very conservative regarding their traditions. American scientist John Cowan Messenger has written a book detailing the sexual beliefs of people on this island.

People here possess a negative notion about sex and nudity. So much so, that they refrain from getting naked even when they are having sex. They do it by partially removing their clothes. Having physical relations before marriage is also strictly prohibited here. Children are divided and given activities according to gender from an early age, and homosexual relationships are also banned here.

Urinating and defecating in open spaces can get you in jail. People are so against being seen naked that supposedly don’t take full-body baths. Rather, they wash their hands, feet and face with soap and water.

Physical relations among a married couple also have their inhibitions. The man always takes charge during intercourse, while the woman stays inactive. Men here also believe having repeated sexual intercourse is bad for health. Women think of menstruation as a traumatic experience.

Anything that could be considered a sexual act — opposite sexes playing or fraternising together, masturbating, and mutual exploration of bodies — as well as just discussing sexual acts is punished. Boys seemed to learn about intimacy from watching animals and sometimes from older men in the community, girls had no one to teach them.

Despite so much stigma around sex, no family is without a child on the island.

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