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‘Took Loan to Make Bakasuran’: Mohan G

Last Updated: February 25, 2023, 19:32 IST

Mohan G rebutted the claims and asked Ameer to provide proof before making statements.

Actor Selvaraghavan has been garnering praise for his performance in the film.

Tamil film Bakasuran opened in theatres on February 17 and created a fair deal of buzz in the industry. Actor Selvaraghavan has been garnering praise for his performance in the film, which has received mixed reviews so far. While many celebrities hailed Bakasuran, director Ameer Sultan took a dig at the film and its makers. Ameer’s comments came after controversial BJP leader H Raja praised the Mohan G film.

Ameer wondered how H Raja immediately saw Bakasuran and came up with a review. He asked why there were no such instant reviews of noted Tamil films such as  Madras, Kaala and Kabali. Ameer said that there were attempts  to create “an unhealthy environment in Tamil Nadu like the North.” The director also alleged that the film has the backing of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Mohan G has now reacted to the comments in a press conference. He rebutted the claims and asked Ameer to provide proof before making these callous statements. Mohan G also stated that by making such comments, director Ameer is portraying a false opinion about Bakasuran without watching the film. He appealed to him to not make such comments when the film is having its theatrical run.

Mohan G cleared the air saying that he did not borrow money from any political party or politician. The filmmaker revealed that he took a loan for making Bakasuran. He shared that he borrowed money from two people outside the industry and he is also the producer of the film.

Bakasuran has been receiving some good reviews from both fans and peers. Earlier, Anurag Kashyap shared the film’s poster and wrote, “Bakasuran Hearing a good word of mouth for this movie in South…Congrats my friend N Nataraja Subramani and Director Selvaraghavan,” read his tweet.

South star Karthi lauded Selvaraghavan for his acting chops in the film and tweeted, “It’s good to see Selvaragavan becoming a full-fledged actor and playing the lead. Only a handful of us knew what a brilliant actor he is but the world is witnessing it now. Congratulations Bakasuran Team!”

Bakasuran is a drama featuring Selvaraghavan and Natty. The director had earlier revealed that it is based on certain real-life events that he came across. Bakasuran’s music is by Sam CS.

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