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Vimal & Jisma a real inspiring couples

It is being said about a couple that has become the most viral on social media today. It is none other than our own Vimal and Jisma. The acting excellence of this pair is one thing that can be mentioned. They have managed to carve out a place for themselves among Malayalis who are generally reluctant to accept.

A love poem by Satheesan and Revathi.

We have seen a lot of love themed movies. But in today’s YouTube era, no amount of praise is enough for those brilliants who told a love story in just four episodes. The mediocrity in acting has taken Satheesan and Revathi to another level. Vimal has been able to place the Satishan in our neighborhood without even knowing it.I got the impression of watching a feelgood movie when many scenes were changing on the screen that should be mentioned for the directorial excellence.


Journey from VJ (Videojoki) to Vimal&Jisma (V&J).

Talent is the most important factor for any person’s success in life. If there is hard work along with talent, that success will be sweeter. If we look at where Jisma we saw at the beginning has reached today, there is no need for us to go looking for motivation class. Our V&J’s is a story that will absolutely inspire anyone. The effort they have taken to reach the mystical world of cinema is highly commendable.They didn’t wait for anyone’s audition or date, instead they recognized the talent within and gave colors to it and sneaked inside us efficiently.Many of us pay attention to many factors before subscribing any YouTube channel. But no one will see any of these standards when subscribing to Jisma & Vimal. When you press the subscribe button of this channel, there is an indescribable feeling that comes out, a feeling of having a good cup of tea. 1.59 million is not a small number. It is an acknowledgment given by every audience.



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