February 21, 2024


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Weekly Tarot Card Readings 2023: Horoscope February 26 to March 4 for all Zodiac Signs!


This week, Aries, your love life is looking positive. You and your partner can take a break to explore something new, take a short trip, or go on a fun date. On the career front, you’re in for a good week. Your hard work and dedication are about to pay off. You can make a great impression on your boss and colleagues. If you want to take on a more significant role or responsibility, now’s the time to make it happen.


This week, Taurus, you will be in a great position to appreciate the power of love. Take the time to appreciate and celebrate your connection with your loved one. You can also use this time to enjoy the simple things in life and appreciate the good things in life. This week is likely to bring a challenge to your professional life. You may feel overwhelmed by a change of circumstances at the workplace and an unsupportive environment. It is important to take this time to reassess your financial goals and adjust as necessary.


This week, you can make positive strides in your love life. Those in a relationship will work on deepening their connection and strengthening their bond. Singles are in luck with meeting someone new and exploring potential relationships. On the career front, Geminis, you will have the opportunity to put your innovative minds to work and develop creative solutions to your challenges. Communication is key, so keep lines of dialogue open with your boss and colleagues.


Cancer, this week will allow you to focus on your relationships with family and friends and nurture those important to you. There may be some challenging moments, such as when you feel misunderstood, but overall, this will be a positive week for your relationships. There may be disappointments, setbacks, and frustrations at work that could affect your emotional well-being. Be proactive in addressing your issues, focus your energy on what you can control and accept that things may not go as planned. Reach out to those close to you for support; remember that this is only temporary.


Your relationship will go well, and you will be happy with your choices. You and your partner may travel together. You may feel passionate and romantic, so take advantage of this energy by expressing your love for those closest to you. Singles will probably meet someone. You will also have luck in your career, so look for opportunities to improve your professional standing. Financially, take a conservative approach and focus on creating and sticking to a budget.


Romance will rise, and you will feel more connected to your loved ones than ever. For those in the dating scene, this is a great week for pursuing new relationships, as it may bring surprises. As for your career, stay focused and motivated as you work to achieve your goals. If you find yourself feeling stuck, take some time to reflect and brainstorm new strategies. You can make the most of this week with your determination and ambition.


This week, focus on creating balance in your life. You may be feeling overwhelmed and could benefit from a break. It’s okay to say no and set boundaries when necessary. Focusing on your relationships can bring feelings of harmony. You may feel overwhelmed with all the tasks you have on your plate, but don’t worry – you’re up to the challenge! Take time to map out a plan for tackling everything and prioritise the most critical tasks.


You could be amid tension and struggles in your love life. Be willing to weather any storms that come your way, remain positive and trust that your resilience will help you create a lasting and fulfilling relationship. Professionally, you will be blessed with the ability to manifest your desires, especially those related to material comfort and stability. Your work will be appreciated by relevant people and also win you rewards. You will focus on creating a strong foundation for yourself and your loved ones.


You will be surrounded by love and good vibes. Your partner will pay extra attention to you, doing special things to show affection. If you’re single, you’ll feel optimistic and ready to explore the world of love. However, this is also a time of high pressure and intense emotions, and it can be hard to stay focused at work. Collaborating with others can be beneficial, as it will facilitate a sense of support and understanding. Be mindful of your communication and interactions with colleagues.


This is a fantastic week, Capricorn. You will approach life with confidence and enthusiasm. Reach out to loved ones and make time for meaningful conversations. Workwise, use your energy to tackle the projects you have been putting off. Your determination and perseverance can build momentum and bring your ideas to life. A few challenges may come your way, but if you stay grounded, you can find solutions quickly. Look at opportunities to network and connect with new people.


Aquarius, your romantic life may be chaotic right now. You may need help to make decisions and feel confused. Listen to your intuition; you can make the right choices with patience and focus. It may be a struggle to get things done right now at work. You may be feeling unmotivated and unfocused. Take time to prioritise and focus on the tasks that need to be done. Make sure to take breaks and stay calm.


This is a great time to nurture your connections with family, friends, and partner. The cosmos are giving you a chance to express your love through meaningful conversations and quality time spent together. On the work front, you have abundant energy and enthusiasm that will take your career to the next level. The stars are behind you and will lead you to success if you stay focused and committed. Take the initiative to pursue new opportunities.

(These Tarot Card predictions are by Chhavi Upadhyay, who is a Delhi–based, intuitive Tarot Practitioner & Consultant)


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