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Yamaha makes traction control standard

Yamaha has launched the all-new FZS-FI V4 DLX alongside the updated FZ-X, MT-15 v2.0 and R15M, and all these bikes now comply with the stricter OBD-2 norms, which come into effect on March 31, 2023. All Yamaha two-wheelers sold in India will also be compatible with E20 fuel (20% ethanol mixed with petrol) by the end of 2023.

The most affordable Yamaha bike in India is the FZ-FI v3, priced at ₹1.15 lakh, making it more expensive by ₹2,000. The new FZS-FI V4 commands ₹1.27 lakh, while the FZ-X is priced between ₹1.36 lakh and ₹1.37 lakh, making it pricier by ₹3,000. The MT-15 v2.0 now costs ₹1.68 lakh, which makes it ₹2,000-4,000 dearer than the outgoing model. The range-topping R15M now costs ₹1,000 more than its earlier price — ₹1.94 lakh.

Yamaha has updated its entire Indian motorcycle line-up and all its bikes are now equipped with a Traction Control System (TCS) and LED indicators. 

The new FZS-FI V4 is equipped with a new, redesigned LED headlight that is flanked by LED Daytime Running Lamps. It is available in three colours — grey, red and black. The MT-15 v2.0 now gets dual-channel ABS, and the FZ-X now gets golden alloys as standard.

Another model that has received a sizeable update is the R15M. It now gets a colour TFT display with Bluetooth connectivity, and is capable of displaying a lap timer.

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