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‘You have Called me as an Agenda Peddler’: Venkatesh Prasad Rejects Aakash Chopra’s Invitation For Live Video Chat

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Last Updated: February 21, 2023, 22:38 IST

Venkatesh Prasad rejects Aakash Chopra’s invitation (Twitter Images)

Aakash Chopra suggested that his message got lost in translation and invited Venkatesh Prasad to have a live video chat.

Former India bowler Venkatesh Prasad rejected Aakash Chopra’s invitation to come on a video chat and have a live conversation regarding their debate on KL Rahul. Recently, Prasad has been criticising Rahul continuously for his poor form with the bat as he is not impressed with team management for giving him a long-run in the side despite his below-par Test average. While Chopra hit back at Prasad on his YouTube channel and ridiculed Prasad’s criticism of Rahul as he said in his video, “If there are any agendas, let’s not peddle them.”

Prasad in a series of tweets slammed Chopra as he also pointed out an old tweet o the former opener where he criticised young Rohit Sharma.

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“This is what Aakash had aired when Rohit was 24 with 4 yrs in international cross. He can use sarcasm for Rohit at 24, and I cannot point out underperforming Rahul at 31 with 8 years in International cricket. Yeh bhi sahi hai,” he tweeted.

“I have no agenda against any player, maybe there are others who have. Difference of opinion is fine but calling contrary views as apna personal agenda and Twitter par mat laayein is funny for @cricketaakash, considering he has made a great career by airing his views. I have …,” he said.

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Chopra suggested that his message got lost in translation and invited Venkatesh to have a live video chat.

“Venky bhai, msgs are getting lost in translation. You here. Me on YT. I invite you to come on a Video Chat…we can do it Live. Difference on opinions is nice…lets do it properly I’ll not have any sponsors on it & nobody will make money out of it. Up for it? You have my number,” Chopra tweeted.

Meanwhile, Prasad didn’t accept Chopra’s invitation as was miffed with the former cricketer for referring to him as an agenda peddler.

“No Aakash, nothing is lost in translation. In your 12 minute video you have called me as an agenda peddler because it didn’t suit your narrative. It is crystal clear. And I have made my points very clear in this Twitter thread. Don’t wish to engage with you further on this,” Prasad tweeted.

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